Stress and Bad Habits

I have a bad habit of rubbing my tongue on the sharp corners of my teeth in my mouth to the point that I get painful sores on my tongue. It’s frustrating, and a little gross. And it doesn’t help that my bottom front teeth are crooked in just the right ways to allow me easy tongue access to some really sharp corners. I’ve done it my whole life. It used to happen a lot when I was a kidddddd, but doesn’t happen very frequently at all anymore. I didn’t know what caused it for a long time, but then I finally came to understand that it was just a nervous reaction to dealing with anything I was excited for. I began to notice that I would get them a lot right before my family would go on our big family vacations and I was always frustrated because I would think, “Why does it always have to happen right before vacations?” DUH REUBEN!!!! I came to understand that it’s my strange sort of way to deal with any sort of excitement or nerves. Now I’m generally able to recognize that I’m doing it at a very early stage and I just have to say, “Reuben, you’re doing it again.” and I just make a conscious effort for about a day to stop it and It goes away. Lately I only do it once every couple years. The older I get, though, the more I realize that I don’t do it anymore when I start to get excited about things. Lately, It’s an unconscious way to deal with stress. I can always tell when I’m getting really stressed out about something because I start rubbing my tongue on my teeth. I guess I’m stressed out right now because I’ve got just about the worst case of it I’ve had in probably five years, though nowhere near where I used to be when I was a kidddddd. At any rate, I guess it just means I’m worried about this semester. I’m worried I’m in a little bit over my head, and might not escape. I’m also just recovering from a bad cold I’ve had for the past week, also probably the result of stress. Let’s just hope I make it out alive.


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  • Hey Reuben…. that's my habit too when am really tensed. Now I realize that it is a stress habit. I defeated my stress habits with some support and guidance. Now I should change this habit too. And the good thing is…. I know how.