Bike v. Car – Round II

I was biking along with a bag of groceries hanging off my handle bars, and some dude in a parked car opened his door right in front of me. I hit it. Or my bag of groceries did, anyway. Sodas and pineapple everywhere. Luckily, most of the food was salvageable, but my bag was destroyed. Some girl across the street at Pizza Luce saw it happen and got me a new bag to carry the rest of my groceries in. It was nice of her.

I need to watch out for car doors opening a little more. And that dude needs to watch out for bikes a little more. It could have been a lot worse.Also, when I say “groceries,” I really mean a bag full of stuff I swiped from my girlfriends fridge.

Also, while I’m typing this, there’s a banner that says, “Win a Night Out with VANILLA ICE.” And at first I thought, “who the hell would want to hang out with vanilla ice?” …but now i’m thinking, “hell yea… I’d hang out with vanilla ice for an evening.”

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