Victories & Injuries

My girlfriend and I built the sweetest set of shelves a couple of days ago. They’re awesome, even though they’re a little bit crooked. The good news is that I got to buy a new circular saw. It’s a Makita 7.25″, 15 amp, built only for the toughest of wood warriors. not really.. but it’s good enough for anything I’ll need it for.

I also had a run-in with a Porter*Cable cordless drill. We were using it do drive all the screws, so we just had a phillips head bit in it. This thing kicked my ass on at least one occasion. I made a rookie mistake, and left my thumb in the way in case the bit jumped off the screw. Well, the bit DID jump off the screw, and landed right on my thumb, and of course it happened so fast that I’m still sitting there holding down the trigger drilling a hole THROUGH my thumb. yes. I said THROUGH my thumb.

All in all, my injury wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, considering I had a jagged piece of metal rotating inside my thumb. I can still feel 75% of my thumb, and am hopeful that number will rise to 80% over the next two weeks. Was it worth it? You bet. They’re the best shelves in town… or at least the best shelves in the basement of my girlfriend’s house.

Melanie and I have been doing all sorts of home improvement projects lately. It’s great. I want to own a house, too so that I can build stuff for my house. But with a total annual income of about $12,000 I don’t think I’ll be qualifying for any loans anytime soon. So I’ll just have to settle for building stuff at my girlfriends house. This weekend we were supposed to install her new garage door opener, but we chickened out since it’s the coldest weekend of the year so far… so it’s still in the box in the garage. Also, I’m trying to get her to reconstruct her bathroom, but it will be a big job, and we’d have to hire at least some of it out. I don’t know how to weld copper pipes, for example, and I don’t know how well I’d do at tile.

Building stuff rules.

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