So i moved into a new apartment this summer, and it’s sort of funny the way it’s worked out. I moved into this place in a hurry because i was being thrown out of my old apartment because my roommate decided he wasn’t going to pay rent anymore. So I pretty much took this place because it was the first place I found. I’ve got 4 roommates, none of whom I had ever met before moving in. Eric lives in the basement with me. He’s my favorite. We chat from time to time – he’s a nice guy. He’s the only one I know anything about other than his name. Eissa – very nice. We always say hi to each other. I like her. I think she likes me, too, because once she dropped her grandma’s pearl earring down the bathroom sink and I dismantled the drain system to retrieve it for her. She was very grateful. Matt – hmmm. always nice to me, I don’t know anything about him. I have no idea where he’s from, what he’s doing… i know that his name is Matt and he cooks a lot. Aimee – her dad owns the place…. that’s it. she doesn’t say Hi to me anymore when we’re in the same room, so i stopped saying hi to her, too.

Pretty much, I’m living with a bunch of strangers, and I think they all hate me. Matt thinks I ate some of his leftover pizza (i didn’t eat it) so I don’t think he likes me. Also, I think he’s sort of dating Aimee, who hates me, so he’s probably not that fond of me. The other four roommates sort of pal around a little bit. I think the go out once in a while… maybe not. I don’t know since I don’t pal around with them. All I know is that if I have spare time, I don’t spend it at home. I’m always at my girlfriend’s house, and it works out just fine for me. If the kitchen and bathroom weren’t upstairs, I’d probably never go up there at all.

The newest evidence that someone isn’t very fond of me: We all got christmas stockings hung on our bedroom doors – including Bella, the dog. Eric and Eissa both got very nice stockings. Someone had put a lot of time and effort into decorating them. Cut out felt shapes, and 3D shapes and stuff. Eric’s has a snowman, Eissa’s has a reindeer. Matt and Aimee live on the 3rd floor, so I don’t know if one or both of them have stockings on their doorknobs (i’ve been on the third floor of this home only twice, i think). The dog and I got undecorated stockings. Ha ha. Whoever handed them out – and I’ll bet it was Aimee – didn’t bother to decorate mine.

It cracks me up. I don’t mind that mine didn’t get decorated. Frankly, it’s a little strange that I got one in the first place. I wouldn’t expect a stocking from a girl with whom I am barely on speaking terms. And I certainly wouldn’t expect a girl who has some sort of grudge against me to spend a lot of time or effort decorating a stocking for me. At any rate, it’s a little strange.

I don’t know why I seem to be on such bad terms with Aimee. I’ve never insulted her that I know of. I’ve been nothing but nice to her. It’s sort of like she has something against me because I make no effort to spend time with everyone else here. I feel like she want’s there to be a lively and vibrant social scene here in the apartment and resents that I would rather be at my girlfriend’s house than here. Oh well… i ain’t gonna sweat it.

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